Wool Rich Pillow With Cotton Cover
Wool Rich Pillow With Cotton Cover

Wool Rich Pillow With Cotton Cover

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A luxurious blend of wool and high-performance polyester encased in a pure cotton cover,  the Wool Rich Pillow is proudly made in Australia.

  • FILL:  60% pure new wool / 40% high performance polyester
  • COVER:   Luxury cotton sateen
  • GUARANTEE: 2 years
  • CARE:  Spot clean / dry in shade

 Wool – the Miracle Fibre

Wool has been described as a ‘miracle fibre’… and with very good reason.  To date, try as they might, scientists have not been able to produce a single fibre to match the incredible properties of wool.

Why is wool so special?

There are many amazing qualities of wool.  It is resilient, warm, a natural insulator and easy to care for. However, the most unique quality of wool is its ability to create a ‘microclimate’.  This microclimate helps to regulate body temperature and humidity by transmitting our perspiration from a liquid form to a vapour, allowing us to be free from thermal stress. Once free of thermal stress, we are able to enjoy a less restless, more comfortable sleep.

I know wool is great in cold weather, but what do I do with my woollen bedding in warmer weather?

There is a common misconception that wool is best suited for providing warmth in cold conditions. However, because of wool’s myriad of tiny pores that allow access for water vapour, wool, instead of making us hot and clammy in summer, actually keeps us cool and comfortable, meaning your quilt can be used all year round.

Will my wool quilt feel heavy during the night?

Absolutely not.  Because of the millions of pockets of trapped air in wool fibres, good quality woollen quilts give you amazing warmth without weight. In addition, wool never feels damp or heavy like other fibres can.  This is because while we all lose almost half a litre of fluid in the form of perspiration a night, wool dissipates this moisture, allowing the fibre to stay dry and cool.

Are there other benefits of wool?

Yes, many. Research studies conducted in Germany have shown that thermal strain can cause disturbed sleep patterns resulting in irregular heart rates and high blood pressure.  Because wool keeps us free of thermal stress, people who have wool bedding typically have less problems with these health issues.

Also, because of wool’s natural resilience, the pile on a good woollen underlay will diffuse pressure points and cushion the body, making woollen underlays ideal for the elderly and infirm.  Sleeping on wool has also been proven to create fewer skin problems than sleeping on man-made fibres.

Finally, one of the most significant aspects of wool bedding is that it is naturally resistant to ignition and is a self-extinguishing fibre.

What about using woollen bedding for babies?

Woollen underblankets are great for baby, because, as noted above, the wool is free from thermal strain. The positive health effects of babies sleeping on wool are best illustrated by a study on low birthweight babies.  This study found that babies nursed on wool consistently showed a significant improvement in weight gain over and above those nursed by conventional methods.

Summary of Benefits:

In summary woollen bedding products:

  • Have superior insulation
  • Are resilient
  • Have high moisture absorption
  • Have excellent moisture transportation
  • Are flame-resistant
  • Are natural, sustainable, renewable & eco-friendly
  • Have benefits for people with high blood pressure/irregular heart rates
  • Are ideal for the elderly and babies
  • Are easy care, with most of Bambi’s woollen products being fully machine washable..

Are all woollen bedding products the same?

Absolutely not.  There are vast differences in the types of wool used in bedding. The breed of sheep, where the wool comes from on the sheep, and how the wool is treated after collection is all vital to the quality of the wool product.

Where does Bambi Wool come from, and why is it such good quality?

Bambi has been making woollen products for over 35 years and it is this length of experience that has led Bambi to securing the best wool in Australia.  Our wool comes from the Poll Dorset sheep in Coonawarra, S.A.  It comes from a breed of sheep which is unique in the way the wool grows on the sheep.  While the majority of sheep grow their wool in a corrugated fashion, the Poll Dorset wool grows in a spiral fashion.  This means that the wool is more breathable and can achieve higher lofts.  It also means that the wool can be machine washed (and in most cases tumbled dried) without the wool forming into heavy clumps after washing.

Bambi Woollen products are also made in Australia at our West Gosford factory.  Because our woollen products have such a high level of craftsmanship, they all come with 10, 7 and 5 year guarantees.

What Woollen Products does Bambi have?

Bambi makes a range of quilts (in sizes from single through to super king), woollen underblankets/underlays, woollen pillows and a range of baby products.

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